Who develops the platform ?


It is a friend of mine, who lives also here in Switzerland; his name is Thomas. Thomas was a partner of an IT company, which developed financial and transaction software for major Swiss banks.

A few years ago, he sold his shares to realize his life project: CUBE256 which operats in various offices since spring 2017 as a file-sharing system in a decentralized Hyber Cluster Cloud. Thomas has been programming CUBE256 since years, from scratch on: “No Spaghetti Code and backdoors for Intelligence Services!”


From Thomas Website; the Master Mind of CUBE256:

CUBE256.com is a distributed content-sharing, communication and collaboration infrastructure based on the MONO framework, written in C# language. It is designed to protect information with standard technologies while keeping it accessible by distribution and redundancy.

The user-interface, based on HTML5, can be rendered by compatible browsers, providing convenient access in almost every situation. CUBE256 supports a digital-identity security model for personal and corporate communication that is easy to deploy and manage, remaining freely configurable and customizable.

The environment is designed to protect from data-leakage on data in transit as well as data stored permanently, by applying appropriate, conventional cryptographic methods.

The main Technical Aspects of CUBE256:
– Build on Blockchain Technology
– Distributed Hypercube Cluster Cloud Network
– Decentralized & Encrypted Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Digital-ID

The Challenge of “Big Data” and Load Performance ?

Since Thomas was confronted in his former company with the volume of Swiss financial transactions worldwide, he got to know the technical difficulties and performance problems of centralized server systems. Based on his experiences, he developed a decentralized Cluster Network to run CUBE256; a kind of a Beowulf Cluster.

But, if the user does not want to open his PC-port? This could be a possible approach:

Dear Truth Seeker — Your Data are Yours and the right of Free Speech!
We do not want to use centralized cloud servers for iGetREAL.org datas and streams. Then it is likely; that more than 75% of cloud servers in the market have a backdoor to secret intelligence systems, or artificial intelligence that can access them.

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